Banking Industry

Sesame banking products are build on strong digital platforms ever since we started ‘coding’ the banking software. As new age banking practices are highly dynamic, Technology and service undergo regular revisions to cope up with the stiff competition. sesame has thus, intensified with the advent of client centric approach, and the constant need to satisfy the need of the customers, this is why you require banking solutions which are always ahead of the competition.

The remarkable and consistent development of technology has changed the way we perceive and use total banking systems. Facilities which were once treated as “special services”, have now become imperative. This development is following the path of Internet Banking, which, due to significant developments in technology, moved up to being a common feature offered by all banks, including co-operative banks.

Technology is considered to be the key lever for banking transformation and practices to steer through the headwinds in the industry

As the banking industry underwent a paradigm shift from a product-centric to client-centric, sesame core banking solution (CBS) and other niche products are derived by understanding not only our client’s requirements, but as wholesome requirement of -banking industry itself. Banks can re-designing and re-create the products & services so effectively by our Product catalogue option in CBS.