Banking Innovations

Perhaps for the first time in our country, a mobile application is provided along with core banking solution, through which the Manager or the officer in charge who is not present at work station or at any office , can authorize some important transaction – as a Checker- which is entered by any branch user –Maker- through our core banking solution Beacon PRO Mobile app. The authorization will be updated with proper audit trail through the GPRS connectivity

What is the relevance today of the customer experience and our ability to influence that End-to-end. At the same time the bank should also be ‘equipped’ with sufficient software. solutions apart from the core banking to get the landscape picture of bank’s present position, in terms of NPA (Non Performing Assets), CAR (Capital Adequacy ratio), the cost of funds , expenses position etc.

Banks has to come out of the conventional platform to think about their context in a person’s life. It’s no longer about providing a personal loan, a mortgage or a credit card. So also Banking Software industry doesn’t work anymore like that. Banking solutions are now about the different touch points where a customer (Bank) can utilize banking to make work life easier with the least friction possible and get the details in terms of dashboards at their finger points to take a decision next moment.

To add one more feather, a integrated recovery management tool is designed which can be installed in any Android based mobile, that is integrated to core banking which will facilitate the list of customer or loan account due as on today, accounts that are already due as on yesterday and which may become a Non Performing Asset (NPA) tomorrow or next week, if not paid. The mobile app will automatically dial to the stored mobile numbers of the defaulter on a single ‘touch’ to facilitate a one to one talk over phone. The same process can be used for prospective deposits that are being matured on that week. This is the USP of our product.