Beacon Orbit : Business Correspondence

business_correspondent _modeThese are difficult times for the banks when they are struggling to profitably and reliably service the low income, unbanked areas and segments of the economy. Business Correspondents deal with the financial needs of the low income sector in a realistic manner. Banks can leverage BC’s local knowledge to build a reliable network of agents and cut down the costs of many of the core operations.

sesame conceptualized and conceived Beacon Orbit Business correspondent solution- to act as bridge between the banking service and the common man at their place of work, fields and doorsteps. Perhaps we are the only banking Software Company in the country that offers both a Core Banking Solution and a BC Solution. This is a splendid example showcasing our skills, capabilities and expertise in delivering products to meet this growing demand for innovative and effective banking solutions. Beacon Orbit is a real time solution that can be plugged with any CBS platform. Several people are now reaping the benefits from this BC solution as it facilitates banking transactions, improve the convenience of people and enhance banks outreach.

Key Advantages of Beacon Orbit:
  • Enables greater financial inclusion
  • Take bank to doorsteps of poor
  • Beacon Orbit handles various day-to-day operations and settlement on behalf of the bank, thus significantly reducing operational costs
  • Increase the spread and share the risk return of lending
  • Strengthen bank’s loan portfolio
  • Improve bank’s recovery position
  • Facilitates cost effective outreach channels
  • Above all, bolster bank’s business