BeaconPro: Comprehensive Core Banking Solutions

Centralized, User-friendly, Full-Fledged and Browser-based Core banking Solution


Sesame BeaconPro is a cutting edge browser-based, centralized, user-friendly, full-fledged Core Banking Application.

Sesame BeaconPro Core Banking Solution Landscape

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  • Anywhere Banking - Customers can avail banking services across the bank and Channel network irrespective of location where their account is maintained.
  • Improvised control on your business - On implementing BEACON PRO CBS the bank can concentrate on their banking activities and focus on their business. Technology and automation will be taken care of by the robust architecture of BEACON PRO CBS.
  • Increased delivery channels - ATM, Internet, Mobile, POS, KIOSK based delivery channels can be used for improvised services to customer, acquiring new customers, providing new age services to customers. BEACON PRO CBS can accommodate all these provisions in a very cost effective manner.
  • More accurate regulatory compliance - RBI, State government and other regulatory requirements and statutory reports are automated and timely delivered accurately. BEACON PRO CBS is an efficient provider of reports.
  • Cost effective, high performance and fully secured - BEACON PRO CBS needs occupies very less system resources. Its sophisticated system architecture delivers increased throughput, thereby reducing system resources usage. It is IS Audit certified and follows security guidelines published by RBI.
  • Tailor-made for co-operative banks in India - BEACON PRO CBS is specially designed and developed keeping in mind the needs of co-operative banks. It incorporates all the specific requirements on co-operative banks such as Share management, Dividend management, Staff Payroll, RBI statements for co-operative banks, State government reports and statements etc.
BeaconPro Features Matrix

Beacon Pro Specialties

  • Specially designed for Co-operative Banks
  • Reduced investment in Hardware
  • Centralized i.e. single source of data
  • Consistent information available at all delivery channels
  • Real time
  • Easy to implement

Beacon Pro general security features

  • ACL based User grading, Access rights
  • Maker Checker - Authorization of transactions – multi-level
  • Detailed click level Audit trail of events
  • Date locks
  • Transaction history
  • Criteria based password management
  • Screen locks
  • Holiday marking
  • Role based Database Access control
  • Comprehensive backup options
  • ARMS –standby server manager
  • Disaster recovery site ¬nearsite, hot site, warmsite, cold site compatibilities

Beacon Pro Application level features

  • Any branch banking
  • Centralized ATM/Cash dispenser connectivity
  • Electronic fund transfer/remittances
  • Inter Branch Nil Reconciliation
  • Easy consolidation for Banking MIS module
  • Modular, Ease of use Flexible – highly parameterized
  • And much more

Beacon Pro other important features

  • RBI reports generation modules
  • Co-operative department statutory reports
  • Above 500 predefined different reports
  • Customizable reporting tools
  • Regional language provision
  • Modular, Ease of use Flexible – highly parameterized
  • Business Intelligence based MIS reporting

Beacon Pro general compatibilities

  • 24x7 banking
  • ATM Connectivity
  • Internet banking
  • Connectivity to Mobile devices
  • Information to KIOSKS
  • Linkage with IVRS/Tele-banking
  • Internal Information management
  • More effective Management of Bank’s Data warehouse

Seasame BeaconPro Architectural advantages

  • There is reduced redundancy and this architecture enables faster customer service
  • This architecture offers increased efficiency and productivity of the branch
  • Right about 90% of the operations happen in one window, increasing efficiency
  • This unique Architecture helps reducing turn-around time - Drill down facility
  • There are Multiple delivery channels
  • Easy and faster customization incorporation
  • Helps reduce manual tasks and reducing human errors
  • Customer 360 Degree View: A single, 360 degree view of the customer with Direct & Indirect relationships with Bank Total front to back client centricity enables banks for decision making and further service/facility.

Sesame BeaconPro Scalability

  • Sesame BeaconPro CBS follows universal Core Banking Standard
  • The solution Facilitates Account Number Portability from any Bank
  • There is a provision for scheme change without change in Ac No.
  • It enables Micro ATM for ‘mobile’ banking
  • The SOA based architecture support integrates with NextGen applications viz; Smartphone , Tabs based interfaces
  • The solution is seamlessly integrated with GSM or Card based devices
  • The solution can easily connect to Cash Collection devices & gadgets-STP

BeaconPro In-depth Functionality Offerings

  • Online mapping with General Ledger, PL
  • Share management including application processing
  • Very comprehensive & integrated Payroll system
  • Detailed LOS & LMS with easy Rescheduling & Re- phasing
  • Central Control CCTV Model
  • NPA display at any customer and transaction module
  • Batching of Transactions
  • Integrated BI Solutions
  • Online help and user guide