Go Green initiatives

All our banking products highlight the green banking initiatives being taken by the organization. Sesame recognize and contribute to the need to conserve natural resources and explore clean technology. We collaborate with our clients and employees alike to reduce the carbon footprint from banking. BEACON PRO core banking solution is 100% ‘GREEN compliance’ product.

Our Go Green initiative that aims to migrate to environment-friendly platforms for daily operations within the banking applications on day-to-day transactions and dealings as well as beyond automated channels. The initiative aims to build awareness and thereby reducing the usage of printed as well as pre-printed stationery and reporting format. Any counter transactions or cash payment vouchers can be sent as an SMS confirmation or an email with a PDF document (receipt).

The Trial Balance and General Ledger can be extracted in the form of Microsoft EXCEL or PDF form and can be archived for months together. While taking some ledger balances, the user can choose only the specific account head or chart of account, so that it will save TIME, ENERGY and PAPER (MONEY). Account statements can be sent via e-form through emails time-to-time as per customer’s request and any transaction can be alerted through an SMS. Besides, our banking product supports all kinds of mini printers so that the receipts can be printed in the smallest form of paper with thermal ink using a micro printer.

Any correspondence can be done using an email initiation and sesame tries to reduce its footprint by providing customers alternate and non paper-based channels such as e-branches, e-statements, online banking and mobile banking.