MyBank - Mobile Passbook

Mobile world seeking Mobile Convenience

There was a time when the internet was a super huge thing. Now, if the internet is still huge, mobile is 10x bigger.
Everyone and everything is going mobile. We are a part of a world that is ever increasingly doing everything mobile. Agreed, there is much to be cautious of the innovating and exponentially expanding technology today, there is also much to understand and take advantage of, for the Banks, for offering better convenience and easily accessible services to its customers. MyBank-Mobile Passbook is one such quality innovation that can help Banks equip their customers with a useful way to access bank account information.

All in One Place, On the Move, Real-Time

Mobile Passbook- offers you information of your multiple accounts, in just a touch away from anywhere, anytime. The application allows instant access to your transactions info. You can instantly know your account balance on the move, real-time and lots more!

Features to harness in the palm of their hands

MyBank- Mobile Passbook app offers some amazing service features:

  • Passbook availability for multiple customer accounts
  • Search and filter transactions
  • Real-Time update of account transactions
  • Personalize notifications settings functionalities
  • And much, much more

Banking info in customer’s pocket

  • Bank customers can enjoy the mobile convenience in the account info access
  • They can check their account balance more often
  • They can enjoy viewing/accessing real time transaction updates
  • Above all, MyBank- Mobile Passbook offers State of the art security.

Avail MyBank: It’s extra-simple!

  • Download from your Mobile Device-App Store and Install the app.
  • Open the Application and follow the Registration prompts, and that’s all! Start using MyBank.