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A Prominent NASSCOM member, Sesame attended NASSCOM Product Conclave Cochin 2015.

NPC Cochin 2015 is a unique event wherein the best and brightest technology leaders, emerging companies and startups congregate. Its a great time to be a Product Entrepreneur in India with the buzz in domestic markets, increased interest in Indian start-ups by overseas investors and with many fold improvement in infrastructure, India has become an attractive ground to breed start-ups.


Objectives of the Conclave

  • 200+ Connections
  • 3 hours of networking
  • Curated insights and power packed sessions
  • Learnings from Successful Product Stories
  • Deep Dive workshops:
    • UX/UI Design,
    • Growth Hacking,
    • Product Management,
    • Sales
  • Showcase of Kerala Product Excellence

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About Sesame


Sesame is an ISO certified, NASSCOM member company with more than 21 years of banking domain expertise. Having more than160 customers (co-operative banks with a total of 750+ branches.) sesame belongs to those elite group of leaders when it comes to delivering core banking software solutions. The company was the first to implement CBS successfully in an URBAN bank in Kerala. Now, the are over 100 employees including senior bankers, architects, DB specialists, DW experts and skilled IT professionals. Sesame enjoys a 20% + market share of URBAN banks in Kerala

Sesame has been synonymous with quality, innovation and providing excellent service to customers, over the years. Our rapid growth, becoming one of the largest software providers in the country, is a testament to the satisfaction our customers have experienced using our products and availing our services.



Jun 06 2015