Our Major Clients

sesame has a growing portfolio of innovative banking products that are being used by numerous banks. We have 200+ cooperative banks as customers and over 100 + banks are using our Core Banking Solution (BeaconPro CBS).

Here are our Major Clients:

Irinjalakuda Town Co-operative Bank (ITCBank) Without a shadow of doubt, ITCBank is one of the leading URBAN Banks in Kerala. The bank has been the Customer of SESAME for more than 13 years.

  • sesame automated ITCBANK in 2000 and implemented Core banking in 2008 - the first URBAN bank in Kerala to implement core banking
  • ITCBANK implemented ATM sharing through RUPAY Card for FIRST time in Kerala
  • TCBANK is now the largest URBAN co-operative Bank in Kerala by business volume with 1200+ crore business

Calicut Urban Co-operative Bank (CCUB) – Another leading URBAN Bank in Kerala – has been the customer of sesame for more than 17years

  • sesame automated CCUB in 1995 (DOS based Novell netware)
  • Upgraded Windows based GUI software in year 2000
  • Now SESAME implemented Browser based Core banking solution, the latest and most advanced CBS solution.

MALAPPURAM SERVICE CO-OPERATIVE BANK LTD – As far as Technology is concerned sesame can proudly highlight the fact that BEACON PRO CBS has provided a robust backbone to MSCB and in turn supported the bank effectively and efficiently in their business growth and technology adoptions.

  • This is the first SERVICE CO-OPERATIVE bank in Kerala to Implement CORE BANKING SYSTEM in ASP MODEL
  • First SERVICE CO-OPERATIVE bank in Kerala to Implement CORE BANKING SYSTEM
  • In OCT 2012 the bank started functioning in ASP model CBS.

Kotayam Co-operative Urban Bank Limited – Kotayam Urban bank is one of our latest major clients. SESAME recently implemented Browser based Core banking solution.

  • Kotayam Urban bank has a business volume with 300+ crore
  • ATM sharing, RTGS, NEFT facility is now underway.