• Sesame's
    Core Lending Solution
    Gives fast, flexible, scalable and agile solutions to gain competitive edge
  • Guardian Bank Selects Sesame for
    NPA Mitigation and Recovery
  • Sesame wins award for
    Best NPA Management Solution
    at BFSI Tech Excellence Awards
  • Systematically bring down
    NPA in your bank
    monitor, track and automate recovery workflow to enhance
    your control over overdue loans!
  • A Cost Benefit Analysis
    BeaconPro Express
    Understanding the Express Advantage:
    why BeaconPro Express is the best CBS solution for you!
  • A futuristic antidote for your
    NPA worries
    Advanced NPA Management solution that helps you identify,
    Investigate, and take proactive actions to mitigate Recovery Risks.
  • Experience
    Transformation to the Core!
    Advanced Browser-based CBS that transform banks into a robust,
    high-performing, adaptive Financial Institution.
  • Bridging Banking
    Services to the common man
    Facilitate cost-effective delivery of tailor-made financial
    products to the common man at their door steps using FIBC
  • Transforming
    Rural India into Digital Villages
    Bringing modern banking practices to everyone,
    eliminating the need to carry cash anywhere at all!

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