For banks and credit societies, maintaining a sound financial health has always remained a key concern. The financial health highly depends on the loans issued to borrowers and their repayment within a particular timeframe. Considering the increase in bad debts, technology enabled services and need-based solutions offered in financial institutions, the need for agents have been greatly realised to educate and serve the masses. While these solutions have made the communication between banks, borrowers and agents (or agencies) easier with automation, it has also resulted in the downfall of bad loans.

The role of Agent Collection software in banks

Using agent banking software makes the debt recovery process more accurate and easier. It acts as a medium of interaction between agents and CBS to streamline the collection process with actionable data required for identifying debtors, prioritising critical debts, collecting pending amounts etc. All this can be done through a single portal (or system) meant solely for collection management.

KIT – Agent Collection Solution by Sesame

KIT is an end-to-end collection management solution that helps banks to take control of their bad debts and improvise cash flow. It is a cost-effective solution that optimises recovery process in banks, while significantly reducing collection costs.

Key Highlights:

  • Provides accurate data, timely
  • Helps monitor and prioratise bank’s portfolio
  • Prevents risks of regulatory compliance
  • Promises quick productivity
  • User-friendly for agents & collectors
  • Smoothly integrates with existing CBS

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