Beacon ACE is an Analytical Control Engine which extracts data from CBS and represents it analytically, offering 360° Customer Insight, Real-time Updates, Forecasting, and Trending Business Information. They help in analyzing data of CBS and make effective predictions. The software does not affect the operational performance of CBS in any manner, rather it facilitates effective decision making thereby improving business perspectives.

Key Benefits

  • Improve Operational Efficiencies and Boost Profits
  • Reduced labor Costs
  • Reduce Information Bottlenecks
  • Make Data Actionable
  • Better and Faster Decisions
  • Get insight into customer behavior
  • Improve Flexibility
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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)/Ratio analysis on the basis of comparison with competitors. Factors of comparison are:

  • Accretion
  • Total deposits
  • CRR
  • Per Transaction Cost
  • Liquidity Ratio
  • Cost of Deposits

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