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Do banks really know what customers want?

Are the Indian banking customers happy with the services being offered? What are the reasons behind their satisfaction or dissatisfaction? How do bank managers foresee the future of Indian banks? These are questions every financial institution must ask themselves before serving the modern day customers. In the recent times, banking services are an outcome of…Continue reading

Analytics in Banking: A Beginner’s Guide

The face of banking industry has changed tremendously over the years, predominantly after 2008’s economic crisis. Cost of compliance, regulatory reforms and risk management needs careful attention for simplifying business functions. Modernised tools for getting intelligent understanding on key business areas are much-needed. But, no matter how much it is streamlined, the banking industry will…Continue reading

5 ways business intelligence software can benefit banks

The adaptability of Business Intelligence (BI) in banking has been evident over the years. Many banks, across the world have welcomed this technology with open hands. It has helped organizations gather in-depth understanding of their business, sales forecast and future growth. It also enables them to become more efficient by identifying areas of cutting costs,…Continue reading

Digital Innovation in Banking: Is it just the beginning?

Innovations in technology are transforming the way banking and financial services are offered to customers. Financial institutions have been successful in innovating almost all areas of banking – wholesale and retail banking, payment systems, loan and fund management, mortgages and securities, compliance, risk management etc. Computerization, which may be considered as a baby step to…Continue reading

Top 5 reasons why real-time banking is the key

The banking landscape is undergoing a transitional phase since past few years. Consequently, they have been facing infrastructural, compliance, competitive and economic challenges. One of the ‘buzz’ words in the banking and finance industry today is “real-time banking”.

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