Understanding the Express Advantage: why BeaconPro Express is the Best CBS Solution for you!

Current Scenario

Manual paper-work required to keep co-operative societies compliant with all mandatory regulations and guidelines are ridiculously high. It stands in the way of focusing on the core business objective– providing quality services customers. The right Core Banking Solution helps you reduce manual effort involved, streamline business and operational processes across all channels, and help free-up time.

Core banking implementations are a costly affair for financial institutions, and particularly for cooperative societies. Whether implementing CBS from scratch or upgrading it, expenditure on the software, hardware, maintenance or vendor support is evident. Furthermore, costs of customisation and licensing can also add more to the costs.

The Express Advantage: A Cost Benefit Analysis

Let us list down and identify what are the expenses financial institutions must incur to implement/upgrade a core, centralised banking system.

One-time Costs Recurring Costs
License License renewal
System integration
Data migration
3rd party services
Change request management
Hardware Annual/monthly maintenance
Servers Other overheads


To get the real picture, the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) must be analysed and studied and must account every expense incurred over a specific amount of time. It is therefore required to choose the implementation/transformation strategy wisely.

Check out the Comparison of TCO over 5 years of BeaconPro Express in ASP Model and an average Purchase model CBS solution implemented in a similar sized bank



How much can you save?

You can save up to Rs. 4, 80,500 with BeaconPro Express over the period of 5 years!

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