In today’s dynamic world, consumers expect banking services to be readily available to them. Financial services have been made easy with digital banking and a variety of efforts are being made to extend convenient banking options to customers. Channel extensions in banking are one such provision that customers can avail round-the-clock.

What are Channel Extensions?

Banks have been striving to deliver ‘extra’ to their customer base and stay ahead of their competition. Most financial institutions understand that the key to customer satisfaction is providing value added services. Missed call alert facility is an add-on to existing banking solutions, which enable a bank’s customers to avail basic financial details about their bank account through a “Missed Call”.

Banks and credit societies can incorporate channel extensions in their CBS and offer banking on-the-move. Customers can dial an authorised number from their registered mobile numbers and receive their savings/current account information and balance instantaneously on their phone.

BEACON PRO – Missed Call Alert by Sesame

Sesame’s Missed Call banking facility is an easy approach for all customers – those having phones with or without internet or those living in urban or rural areas – for banking anytime, anywhere. The facility serves the most common banking need of customers i.e. checking account balance and proves to be a most-adapted form of balance enquiry.

Key Highlights:

  • Convenience at the fingertips
  • 24/7 access
  • Accessible on smartphones and non-smartphones
  • Inexpensive banking solution

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