Core Banking Solutions today have become the basic amenity any financial institution must deploy for streamlining their operations. It facilitates banks and cooperative societies to continually meet customer expectations while facing critical challenges revolving around profitability, compliance, bad loans and more. The foremost reason why every bank must adopt a CBS is because it unifies processes, products, services and transactions.

What is a Core Banking Solution? - An Overview

Core banking solutions (CBS) are the bank’s centralised systems that are responsible for ensuring seamless workflow by automating the frontend and backend processes within a bank.

CBS enables single-view of customer data across all branches in a bank and thus facilitate information across the delivery channels. It enables banks to provide their customers with specific, targeted and tailored products and services at one place. The convenience of core banking services enable customers to access all banking facilities from any of the bank branches across the country, regardless of which one is their home branch.

Advantages of Core Banking

A core banking system, when implemented well, ensures accurate and error-free delivery of financial services to customers, thus adding to the banks’ efficiency and performance.

Some of the most positive impacts of deploying CBS in banks:

  • Makes the internal staff more competent
  • Minimises human intervention thereby limiting errors
  • Helps prevent frauds and thefts with real-time banking facilities
  • Reduces operational costs
  • Aids in studying changing customer demands
  • Facilitates decision making through reporting and analytics.

Sesame’s Core Banking Application - BEACONPRO

Sesame Software Solutions – a trusted partner for banks and credit societies offers its flagship product, BeaconPro CBS to simplify routine banking tasks.

BeaconPro is an outcome of innovative thinking and best-breed technologies that redefine banks’ operating models. Having successfully implemented Core banking solution for 200+ clients (majorly co-operative banks) in Kerala, BeaconPro has become synonymous with the ideal solution that transforms financial institutions into flourishing businesses.

Key Highlights:

  • Industry expertise in CBS implementation, data migration and customer support.
  • A sound network having dedicated delivery and support.
  • Skilled engineers who have hands-on small, medium and large sized projects.
  • Proven track record of serving business-specific solutions.
  • Comprehensive collection of banking solutions meeting local/national compliances.
  • Local alliances with the esteemed banks in Kerala, India.

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