Beacon Pro is a cutting edge browser-based, centralized, user-friendly, full-fledged core banking application. This application allows a bank to smoothly conduct its business with its customers by equipping the staff with effective internal management tools. It also allows a bank to generate MIS reports essential for analyzing different aspects of business, aiding the decision making process.

BeaconPro’s core banking capabilities connect front-office activities with back-office systems, enabling real-time processing of key financial transactions. It also helps expediting the development of multi-channel products and services that meet the needs of today’s highly demand-oriented market.

From the services innovation perspective, BeaconPro offers a comprehensive and unified customer repository with capabilities to educate and empower customers. With BeaconPro core banking solution, banks can successfully meet the ever growing challenges of regular updates, competition, compliance and customer demands effectively.

Key Benefits

  • Save Operations time by 30% for Counter operations
  • Most easy to use and uniform solution in Co-operative Banking Industry
  • Product Parameterization at Maximum, reducing the need for customizations
  • 24x7 Real time reporting
  • Scheduled processes replacing Manual operations
  • 99.9 % income leakage prevention


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