Sesame's Mobile Banking Solution enables bank customers to transact, view account summary and perform various other actions using their smartphone. It provides the same unparalleled level of convenience while maintaining security standards. Bank customers can check information of multiple accounts, pay utility bills and a lot more!

  • The Impossible Made Possible- PACS account linked Payment made Possible
  • 25% increase in transactions with minimum expense

Key Benefits

  • Convenience Enhancing
  • Time Saving
  • Easy Access to Finances
  • 24x7 Availability
  • Fraud Reduction
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Safe and Secure
  • Quick Balance Enquiry
  • Alert
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Provide a customized passbook(Digital) that mobilize the entire account related information which avoids the need of visiting the bank for gathering account related information, also user can access it from anywhere through mobile.

The application is designed and generated in such a way that the communication and the Integration between various CBS modules are made possible.

The application makes it feasible to view the summary and statements for the multiple accounts the customer owns at the Bank. The Statements are made available in the form of Mobile Statements.

The application facilitates 24*7 Fund transfer using RTGS, NEFT, IMPS and Quick Transfer. Customers can send money to any nationalized/private bank account in India using the Mobile App. It's simple, secure, and quick. Structured Financial Messaging System (SFMS) mode is used in the application for the secure communication within the bank and between banks along with ISO 8583 P2A Configuration.

All kinds of Bill Payments (phone bill (pre-paid and post-paid), electricity bill) are available

The Bank administrators can now view and get all the details and information about the transactions, user downloads and various other reports through the application.

  • View important notifications and alert messages sent by the Bank.
  • Receive latest messages from the bank.

The latest news and updates will be readily available to the customers

  • Customers will receive up to date information about the latest schemes and services of the Bank.
  • Customers can also view offers applicable for them.
  • View latest offers and information like interest rate, value plans etc of the bank

  • This facility helps the Customers in finding Branch/ATM locations of the bank.
  • Customers can locate nearest ATM centers and Branches by location/area.

Now customers can recharge their prepaid mobile numbers using the mobile App from anywhere and at any time on your mobile device, on the move!

The services rely on high-security mechanisms to protect the customers' privacy and financial information from login to logout

Notification of Information and alerts through SMS

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