The world has come closer as a result of globalisation, and people migrate from cities and countries to earn their livelihood. Consequently, a larger number of individuals transfer funds to their respective families. Also, a lot of money is transferred for several other reasons such as in case of emergencies. This process of transferring money from one location to other is called remittance.

Banks and financial institutions are responsible for addressing the money transferring needs of their customers. With technology penetrating all walks of life, sending money locally or internationally at any point of time through money transfer operators (MTOs), has become stress-free.

What is a money transfer system?

It is a solution or rather a platform which allows users to seamlessly transfer funds to any beneficiary/recipient in the world. Most of the banks and authorised MTOs use such solutions to cater to various types of fund transfers such as multi-currency transfers, direct deposits, money orders or forex cheques etc.

SimpliRemit – The ultimate money transfer platform by Sesame

SimpliRemit is a fully integrated and comprehensive solution that helps you provide financial services to customers. It enables your customers to confidently avail services like foreign currency remittance and exchange through a highly secured money transfer application.

Key Highlights:

  • Assistance on sending money online or via mobile.
  • Integrates with existing website, app, CBS and other tools.
  • Follows real-time currency feeds for money transfer.
  • High success rate of all transactions performed.
  • RBI approved solution.
  • End-to-end implementation and business support.

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