One of the most tedious tasks in most banks are efficient and successful management of loan recovery in a cost-effective manner. Outdated and incompetent banking system that lack NPA management support makes it more troublesome to perform the recovery process.

Our NPA mitigation tool, Neptune, features extensive NPA reporting, follow-up and commitment tracking system, and a legal management system to effectively recover delinquent loans and systematically bring down NPA in banks. Neptune provides all types of NPA reports – NPA statement, asset classification summary, comparison statement, Future NPA statement, etc. The statements galore, along with visual dashboards allow stakeholders to analyze and monitor the NPA movements throughout the bank and its individual branches.

The follow-up and commitment tracking system allows recovery agents to track loan defaulters. Neptune allows recovery agents to dispatch SMS and postal notices in bulk, and track commitments set by individual customers. The legal management system allows users to initiate and proceed recovery process through complete case management under SARFAESI, ARC act. Managers can assign user-wise responsibility for follow-up with customers.

Neptune Advantage

Neptune can work even without CBS interface! Neptune can import data from using reports from existing CBS which means no more reliance on your CBS vendor for getting CBS API.

Tired of unsuccessful loan recovery?

Use Neptune to systematically bring down NPA in your bank.

Key Benefits

  • Get comprehensive NPA status.
  • Timely recovery of overdue loans.
  • Comprehensive recovery work flow.
  • No intermediate tool required for implementation.


  • Dashboards for visual indication of NPA statements
  • User-wise responsibility assignments
  • Customer commitment follow-up and tracking
  • Easy contact and follow-ups


Report Generation

It provides diverse set of reports pertaining to NPA such as statement generation, summary statement, etc. that caters to the specific requirements of the user.

Contact Process

It has a systematic and repeated contact procedures by setting remainders for loan retrieval. It provides multiple forms of remainders pre and post due-date of loans. It features advance scheduling of the contact process. It enables tracking the progress of the borrowers based on their commitments and alerts them in case of default. A feature to allot the contact list of the loan defaulters to the users and contact them is made available.


Features dashboards that displays NPA related parameters to users for ranking and comparisons.

Recovery Workflow

Built- in and easy recovery processes through complete case management under SARFAESI Act. It enables the delegation authority to initiate a complete SARFAESI workflow. Efficient template management required for various stages of the workflow, multiple mode of communications for intimation of the loan defaulters, framework of legal management system for filing different types of suits.

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