Sesame provides complete end-to-end, browser-based Nidhi solution to automate the complete business. The solution completely adheres to regulatory business rules and is easy to use. The solution is fully customizable and any 3rd party solutions or functionalities can be integrated easily into the solution. The solution is completely transparent, simple, and secured that any person willing to be a part of the Nidhi Company can place their membership request easily through a mobile App. The members of the company can request secured loans/request for opening deposits very easily through the solution. The members can receive notifications for loan repayment and provides a variety of options for loan repayment. Any type of report and notification can be retrieved using the solution. The Nidhi solution by Sesame is perfect for small, medium, and large companies.

Our Solution Benefits

  • Easy member onboarding options
  • 3rd party audited and certified software
  • New Member onboarding through Mobile App
  • Video KYC option
  • Members can deposit funds and avail loans very easily
  • Simple and convenient ways for disbursing secured loans to customers.
  • Different types of reports included in the solution
  • New schemes and notifications on various activities can be circulated among all the members securely.
  • Mobile Application for all the members
  • Automated payouts
  • UPI integrations
  • Easy Repayment options
  • Prepaid cards

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