The major challenges confronting any bank especially in India are the Non-Performing Assets and delinquencies. They tend to degrade a bank’s credit rating and lower its credibility. For addressing these nagging problems, Sesame has come up with a first of its kind, futuristic solution to cure your NPA pains. Delinkure is a perfect tool to identify, investigate, and take proactive actions to mitigate recovery risks. It helps initiate the recovery process, delinking NPA from the Bank, making it less worrisome.

Delinkure has three core pathways offering early warning signals, Monitoring and NPA Analysis, Proactive follow-ups, Recovery and closure:

  • Analytical Workbench
  • Contact Process
  • Work Flow
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Key Benefits

  • Improve loan recovery and reduce costs
  • Reduce potential recovery risks by Early Detections
  • Perform proactive criteria based follow-ups and contact processes
  • Set configurable workflows for systematic asset recovery


This module can perform HO-Zone- Region-Branch wise Analysis, Impact analysis , Slice and dice data based on user-defined criteria, derive unified data view to meet classification challenges and drill-down data to granular level with 360 Degree View of Customer.

It enables Configurable Automated & Customized Contact process along with Scheduled single & multiple communication channels. There are Templates for all standard notices and messages. It provides Alerts, Reminders and Escalations of follow up actions. It enables Innovative solutions for inbound/outbound call management. There are features like Assign/Re-Assign, Block/Un-block, and Mask/Un-mask at Customer level. Follow-up Recovery performance analysis

Built-in easy configurable standard workflows to comply with: Criminal and Section 138 (NI Act) suit, Civil suits Rule base actions as per stage of NPA, Debt Recovery Tribunal proceedings, SARFAESI Act. It enables managing asset sales, Demand Notice, Advt. and Tendering. It provides Possession & Sale Information, Hearing & Reminders, and Out of Court Settlements.

  • Monitor, track and analyze overdue loans from the quick mortality symptoms
  • Follow-up & track accounts based on various criteria and indicators
  • Provide support for consistent follow up and escalations
  • Enable the bank in effective monitoring & Recovery of NPA
  • Provides early warning, alerts in identifying recovery risk
  • Help the bank to initiate recovery process with workflow, like SARFAESI, Sec 138 Criminal Suit, DRT process etc.

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