The major challenges confronting any bank especially in India are the Non-Performing Assets and delinquencies as it tends to degrade a bank’s credit rating and lower its credibility. For addressing these nagging problems, Sesame has come up with a first-of-its-kind, futuristic solution to cure NPA pains. Delinkure is a perfect tool to identify default risk at a nascent stage, investigate and take proactive actions to mitigate risks. Also helps to streamline the loan litigation process with comprehensive coverage of Recovery Process Life-Cycle.

Salient Features

  • Effectively manage loan recovery processes with systematic workflow, custom-made as per the bank’s business process.
  • Provides Early Warning Signals (EWS) by Monitoring, Analysing loans from the quick mortality symptoms.
  • Automatic contact process provides support for consistent follow-up.
  • Provides Analytical Dashboard with complete Customer 360 details.
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Product Highlights

Loan Litigation Management System

LMS (Loan Litigation Management System)

  • Built-in easy configurable standard workflow to comply with various recovery processes such as: SARFAESI, DRT, Civil Suit Filing, Complaint Filing u/s 138, Revenue Recovery, Arbitration, Corporate Insolvency and Bankruptcy Process (IBC), One Time Settlement (OTS), Cases against the Bank,) etc.
  • Easy monitoring of loan recovery life cycle with activity log viewed from top-to-down from origin (initiation) till closure of the loan recovery process.
  • Separate mobile application for Panel Advocates to update the assigned cases court proceedings.
  • Use predefined templates and also upload documents, letter, photographs etc. in the workflow.
  • Alerts, Reminders and Escalations of follow up actions are notified to each users involved. All the Judicial & Court proceeds are alerted and reminded in advance.
Early Warning Signals

EWS (Early Warning Signals)

  • Rule-based automated EWS solution to identify borrowers at risk of default.
  • Process Daily Transactions and customer incremental data every day by rule engine to detect signs of credit deterioration in the loan accounts.
  • Group customers into Watch-list categories depending on the nature and severity of the triggers.
Contact and Follow-up

Contact and Follow-up

  • Configurable Automated & Customized Contact process along with Scheduled single & multiple communication channels- SMS, E-mail, Phone, and Letter. Predefined and editable Templates for all standard notices and messages.
  • Displays summarized list of non-contacted customers under SMA, Watch-list, Standard, Sub-Standard, Doubtful and LA categories.
  • Supports other features like Assign/Re-Assign, Block/Un-block, and Mask/Un-mask at Customer level.

Analytical Workbench

  • A comprehensive understanding of NPA trends which helps to reduce further slippage and to control the existing overdue accounts.
  • Provides Hotspot Analysis for different Zone, Branch, customer segments and product categories.
  • Meaningful and easily digested 360 view of customer's details and interactions in one place, without having multiple log-ins or screens.

Online OTS (One Time Settlement) Solution

Helps to streamline and automate One Time Settlement (OTS) process in a timely manner and consistent with bank’s policy and framework. This module brings together all end-to-end bank’s function from initiation and processing of customer’s OTS request, till the approval and payment tracking of sanctioned OTS proposals. Also provides web application for NPA customers to register OTS request online.

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