The present market scenario observes continuous fluctuation, as a result of which banks and financial institutions are always facing risks of regulatory compliance, security, delinquencies etc. These risks, if not managed accurately and on time, may lead to critical damages in the overall financial health and reputation of banks. Therefore, risk management in banks is supremely important for their sustainable growth.

Why use risk management solutions?

A detailed view of probable risks enable banks in managing their loan portfolio better and thus reduce the number of bad debts. Automated systems that highlight minute details of customers and business must be preferred to identify errors and other loopholes, so that effective decision making is practised. Comprehensive insights also help maintain an identity of customers and protect them from possible threats, thereby significantly reducing the risk of frauds and identity thefts.

Manage your risks with SimpliRisk by Sesame

SimpliRisk is a unique risk management solution intended to address the financial risks in your bank or credit society. With this solution, banks can identify, manage and mitigate all types of risks – market risk, liquidity risk, credit risk, regulatory risk, operational risk and more. The experienced team at Sesame has a sound understanding of risk-related concerns and delivers specific solutions that cater to risk mitigation in financial institutions.

Key Highlights:

  • 360° approach of risk management
  • Integrated risk strategy
  • Compliant with all local/national standards
  • Actionable risk data for better decisions

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